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		<h1><a href="" title="Powered by WordPress">Powered by WordPress</a></h1>
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		<label for="user_pass">Password<br />
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			<p class="forgetmenot"><label for="rememberme"><input name="rememberme" type="checkbox" id="rememberme" value="forever"  /> Remember Me</label></p>
	<p class="submit">
		<input type="submit" name="wp-submit" id="wp-submit" class="button button-primary button-large" value="Log In" />
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			<p id="nav">
					<a href="">Lost your password?</a>
	<script type="text/javascript">
	function wp_attempt_focus(){
	setTimeout( function(){ try{
			d = document.getElementById('user_login');
	} catch(e){}
	}, 200);

			if(typeof wpOnload=='function')wpOnload();

			<p id="backtoblog"><a href="">
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		<div class="clear"></div>